Inspired by nature.

DeGeer collection is Beautifully designed by

DeGeer, the fingerprint of nature.

VESA NILSSON (designer of Kalevala jewelry) and TIINA ARKKO were inspired by Kvarkens rugged beauty and wanted to capture it to jewelry. They created unique and unisex silver jewelries to wear anytime, anywhere, around the year.

DeGeer Earrings


Rugged beauty.

It is rugged. It is mystical. It is beautiful. It is DeGeer.

Thousands of years ago the enormous masses of ice shaped the ground of Finland. This ruthless ancient force of the last ice age is the reason for many unique phenomena in our nature

One of these phenomena is the De Geer moraines, in Kvarkens Archipelago in Ostrobothnia. This exceptionally beautiful landscape is formed by the upheaval of the ground after being pressed down under the ice sheet.

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Nature's fingerprint.

DeGeer jewelry collection was born.

DeGeer jewelry is designed for men and women, to wear every day of the year. Like the moraines, DeGeer jewels are unique with ragged beauty. Simplicity, local touch and the changing elements of nature - sea, land, wind and their movements – are their driving force.

The design of the jewelries demonstrates the shape of the De Geer moraines and the ongoing transformation of Kvarkens Archipelago. Combined with simplicity and high quality, handmade DeGeer jewelries are the perfect match for every occasion, for him and for her.

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